My Friend's Hot Mom

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What’s a freshly-divorced MILF to do? Kate Linn is finally free from marriage and now she’s selling her home because it’s too much house for just her alone. When her son’s friend Seth pops by to say hello and see if she needs any help, they get to reminiscing about all the fun times at the house, including the time Kate caught Seth and his girlfriend having sex in her bedroom during a party! But Kate’s new single life kicks in when she admits that she enjoyed watching Seth’s big dick fuck his woman for a while before busting them. Seth’s astonished at her story, but not as much as when Kate tells him she wants to him to send her out of that home with a bang! That house may be too big for Kate now, but her son’s friend’s dick isn’t!

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More Than Friends

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Aubrey Rose wanted to get fucked, but her booty call was busy playing softball, so she started to masturbate while looking at some nude pics. Her roommate Kate Linn arrived from a yoga class, and Aubrey was startled. She quickly took her hand out from her panties. Kate greeted her and then went to take a shower. Aubrey soon followed and recorded Kate showering. She was eventually busted but Kate was turned on. They sensually kissed and then tongue-fucked each other!

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Try This One On

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Gina Valentina was having trouble finding the perfect outfit to really wow her boyfriend Peter on their date. She was so nervous and really wanted to get her outfit right, so she asked her stepmother Kate Linn for some help in coordinating. Kate started checking Gina out while she bent over to lay a sundress out on her bed, and then this horny stepmom decided to take a pic of her stepdaughter’s super cute butt from under her skirt. Gina wasn’t wearing panties because she just got out of the shower and wasn’t going to be wearing much of anything for much longer. Kate couldn’t be more correct in that assumption because she started making out with Gina and they got into a major pussy licking bonanza! Peter came to pick Gina up, but they were obviously too busy to answer the door, so he let himself in and walked in on them! They were completely caught by surprise and Gina felt extremely embarrassed, but that didn’t stop a vet like Kate. She convinced Peter to join in on the fun, and of course it didn’t take much convincing.

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Milf On The Grill

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Kate Linn had just moved into a new house with her neglectful husband. She decided to have a little backyard cookout ready for her husband to try and spend some quality time with him, and as she was grilling up some hot dogs, her pervy neighbor Johnny made his way into her backyard. He hid behind a bush and checked her out in her sexy ass bikini slaving over the barbecue. He decided to finally make his presence known and introduce himself. She offered him a hot dog and thanked him for passing by to welcome them into the neighborhood. She dropped the hot dog, and as she bent down to pick it up, she saw his raging boner poking under his pants. Johnny was already sprung from checking her out from behind the bush and did his best to cover it up, but Kate’s face was pretty much right next to it. Kate decided to make the cookout worthwhile for herself since her hubby yet again placed golfing with his buddies over her. When her husband strolled into the backyard super late, she had to dunk Johnny’s head under water to conceal him! Johnny dumped his fresh jizz all over her tits and face, and then he exited like a thief in the night.

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